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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

This is our new revamp of our site! We hope you love it <3

Welcome to GolliCRAFT, the ultimate destination for your roleplay adventures! Here you will find a large city economy world with endless possibilities for exploration and discovery. Take on exciting missions and quests, learn new skills, and uncover secrets as you explore the world of GolliCRAFT. Whether you're looking for fun with friends or something more solo and story driven, GolliCRAFT has something for everyone. So come join us and embark on a journey of discovery!

GolliCRAFT is a mid-centurey-modern twist roleplay setting, set in the fantasy universe of GolliCRAFT. It features a large world of 7 countries with over 50 locations to explore, including forests, deserts, oceans, city centres, small towns, towns build by members of our community like you, war zones, wilderness, arctic, tropics, alien civilisations and so much more! There is plenty of diversity and wealth, as well as an influx of new members every month. GolliCRAFT promises to deliver an experience that is always challenging, rewarding and fun.

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