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Elevate Your Minecraft Channel Today! GolliCRAFT proudly presents its latest initiative: the GolliCREATOR YOUTUBE PARTNERS program. Designed to empower creators like you, this program opens the doors to a world of opportunities within our vibrant Minecraft universe.

Imagine showcasing your Minecraft adventures to an enthusiastic audience eagerly awaiting your next upload. GolliCRAFT offers a platform to amplify your exposure and expand your reach like never before. Join forces with fellow creators and Minecraft enthusiasts within the GolliCRAFT community. Share insights, collaborate on projects, and build lasting connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for gaming and content creation.

With GolliCRAFT's diverse cityscapes, immersive quests, and dynamic challenges at your fingertips, the possibilities for creating captivating content are endless. Let your imagination run wild as you craft unique stories and experiences that captivate your audience.

Gain access to exclusive resources and features within the GolliCRAFT server to enhance the quality and variety of your videos. From custom builds to special events, there’s always something exciting to explore and showcase on your channel.

Stand out from the crowd and be recognized for your contributions to the GolliCRAFT community. As a GolliCREATOR YOUTUBE PARTNER, you may even qualify for special rewards and incentives as a token of our appreciation for your dedication and creativity.

Ready to embark on this thrilling journey with us? Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Join the GolliCRAFT server and start exploring our vibrant universe.

  2. Capture your adventures and craft engaging content that highlights the best of what GolliCRAFT has to offer.

  3. Submit your videos to us for consideration, and who knows? You could be featured on GolliCRAFT’s official channels for the world to see, and get credited for it too!

To qualify we have certain requirements that need to be met.

GolliCREATOR Video Grading

These are how videos in the GolliCREATOR program will be awarded in game. To qualify for a level of quality, you must match at least two of the standards listed.

!!ATTENTION!! Do not use copywritten music in your videos.

Quality Levels

  1. OBVIOUS LOW EFFORT -$50 Video is shorter than thirty seconds. Video resolution makes it unintelligible or unattractive. Video is not very engaging and has no inherent purpose.

  2. BASIC QUALITY - $300 Video is longer than thirty seconds but shorter than two minutes, the video resolution is at least 480p. Video has some kind of plot or purpose.

  3. GOOD QUALITY - $700 Video is longer than two minutes but shorter than ten. The video resolution is at least 720P. Video has a defined plot and purpose. Has minimal editing that does not obstruct viewership.

  4. ADVANCED QUALITY - $1800 Video is at least ten minutes long, but no longer than twenty-four minutes, the video quality is 1080P. The video has a very well expressed plot point and or purpose or is part of a series. Has standard editing, such as intros and outros and cuts when needed.

  5. CINEMATIC QUALITY - $5000 At least twenty-four minutes of video. Video in 1440p or greater. The video has a very detailed plot. The editing is very precise and detailed.

Ranks and Crates

Once you create at least 3 videos that pass any of the Quality Levels (above lvl 2) you will officially earn the Discord GolliCREATOR rank, and you will earn a GolliCREATOR Crate for every video we publish of yours. The GolliCREATOR Crates can be used at the Crate Casino at spawn for random rewards.

Bonus Section

As a special bonus we've linked some of the rescores we utilize for you to use in your videos.

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