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Thanksgiving Feast

Holiday Special Event

GolliCRAFT 2023 Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt


Challenge: find 11 of 22 hidden special  Halloween items

There are 22 cheeky scare crows scattered around the world, and they've hidden the witches emeralds! The emeralds are hidden in a hay bail guarded by silly scare crows, find at least 11 of them, collect the emeralds and bring the emeralds back to the witches pumpkin hut (when you first spawn into the city) located on Parliament Squair in palm island  [2748 -70] to receive exclusive items and a cash bonus!

For an extra challenge you can find all 22 scare crows to double your reward!

Use the images here of all the scare crows as a hint. Study the backgrounds and put your investigative skills the test!

Screenshot 2023-10-14 104319.png
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