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Setting Up Your Very Own Shop
Minecraft Chest Shop

In this quick guide we'll teach you how to set up a shop so you can start taking controll of your financial desitny!

First you should already have you're baby steps completed

1)  Get a job to save up money

2)  Use your savings to buy a store (only commercial spaces can be used for commercial activities. This means that you can not start a shopping mall inside your house in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Make sure the property you buy is meant for commercial use. You can find a list of available commercial properties HERE.)

3) Lastly make sure you have a barrel, sign, and items to buy and sell!


STEP 1. place down your barrel and look at it

STEP 2. While looking at the barrel and with the item you want to sell in hand, type "  /ecs create [price for a person to buy] [price for a person to sell]  "

For Example, Im going to let people buy by cobblestone for $10, and I'll buy their cobble for $5, so Im going to type

/ecs create 10 5

*Note When ever someone sells cobble to my shop I will lose $5 whether I'm online or not. Be carful you don't go into the negatives and always keep an eye on your balance. (Step 4 teaches you how to turn off the sell function)


STEP 3. Now we need to fill the barrel up with stock. Click on the barrel and you will see this interface. 

Click on the redstone.


Now you can begin filling up your chest with items. 

Now your shop is all set up!

But there's 2 more things we need to do.


STEP 4. Open your shop interface again by clicking on the barrel, then click on  the Smithing table to access your settings. 



For notifications every time someone uses your shop - Click the first gray dye to make it green. This will make sure you're sent a notification every time someone buys/sells from your shop. 


To stop people from buying items at your shop - Click the second gray dye to make it green. This will make it so people will not be able to buy from your shop any more.


To stop people from selling items to your shop - Click the second gray dye to make it green. This will make it so people will no longer be able to sell to your shop any more.


-Clicking on the sign to add an admin to your shop - If you have staff or a trusted friend who will restock your shop for you when you're away, you can type in their gamertag and they will have access to add and remove stock for you. They will even be able to toggle some of the shop settings for you too. 

If you decide to add staff to your shop, a green dye will appear. This means that profits are being shared with your team. You can click on it to turn it gray, then only you will receive 100% of the profits made by the shop.

Now you have a chest shop and you're ready to open up for business!

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