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GolliCRAFT Summer 2021 Update - May

GolliCRAFT Team

May 29, 2021

Come see our plans on what we intend to release in the coming weeks and months.

GolliCRAFT has seen many changes over the years. In fact it only got the name GolliCRAFT within the past year or so. For those who don't know, GolliCRAFT is a 9 year long idea starting in 2012 in GolliCRAFT's Back garden (Crazy right!) and since then it's grown into what we have to day, and we are proud!

2021 Staff Role Changes:
Here are the staff role changes for 2021 as decided by JOEOVLEMO.

Chief of administration:
This role will be changing to Team leader in order to be more present on the whole team level. We have changed this as the role before was seen as a powerful figure with the only and final say, we have since changed our direction and want everyone to have a say. So, the team leader will be in charge of finalising everyone’s ideas and turning the idea into a reality.

Head of marketing:
This role will be changing to Marketing Director as they will collect and make sure all the correct posts are being made and going out regularly. They will monitor our player growth to reach our targets in marketing and community appearance. The difference is that now everyone will do their part in growing our server, this person will just be a double check before things go out and the person to go to about our growth levels.

Event planner Role:
This is an additional role for a member to have for extra credit and contribution to the team. They will be in charge of planning our server wide events for example giveaways and game nights where players and staff can take part. This will increase the relationships with admins and players but we will ensure they are separated in terms of powers and roles in order to stop malpractice from our staff.

Our server has been under development for some months now and we will be able to release all of our amazing projects to you all within a couple weeks for the June update. Some of these projects include:

- Create the passive businesses for people to earn money whilst online
- Add the ATMs and paper money system
- Create heists
- All survival areas need the new system
- Make the mechanic and office clerk with files
- Finish VIP
- Finish Dreamdale

Note: Not all of these goals may be complete upon opening but are to due be finished by the end of summer 2021! How exciting!!!

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