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Crafty Timber Wood Job

Location: Located in Newstead, Palm Island, inside The Mallview Tower (2775  33)

the Crafty Timber job is located at 2775  48.

Play Time Requirement LVL: 0 hours minimum

Pay: $10 per 64 of Oak, Dark Oak, Spruce, or Birch

How To

Sell wood to the shop - With a stack of wood in your inventory, press on the sign to deposit. The wood will be taken from your inventory and the money will be add to automatically.  

Collecting wood - 1. At Crafty Timber you can purchase sapling and plant them on your property.

2. If you do not own property yet you can go out into the wild and collect wood for free. The wild is located anywhere outside the city that allows you to break and place block (see MAP, any area that is not highlighted red or green is survival area)

You can also travel to any one of these coordinates to access the wild:

[] [] []


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